technical professionals

maximize their


“Might you be missing opportunities because you have been too quick to ask how instead of why?” 
– John C. Maxwell⠀

Asking "why?" 
is the fast path to clarity.  With
clarity comes
the way.




Coaching is a powerful method for leveraging the conscious mind to awaken the unconscious. This process allows you to uncover and put into action the solutions that you need in order to be your best.

Coaching is conducted by
phone call or web conference.

"Fit for Personality" Consulting

For yourself, your family, or your business organization, the DISC behavioral assessments are used to bring focus to people’s personality strengths, and support them in roles and relationships that honor who they are.

Let's discuss which focus you want to examine so I can provide the best assessment for your needs.  

Workshop Series

Using the energy of collaboration, the workshop series offers group discussions and brainstorming seminars to uncover problems, identify solutions, and implement actions to bring about forward momentum in personal and business environments.


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